Alfonso’s MP3 Links

I record flamenco and classical guitar. My instruments are a Lester Devoe 1983 Satinwood Classical (Sophia, of the deep wisdom), and to bracket that a 2003 Lester Devoe Cypress Flamenco (Carmen...Fiery, temperamental). I am proud to have two guitars that bracket this talented builder’s career, and they are among my most prized material possessions.

My stage guitars are a 1978 Contreras Studio guitar, my first really good guitar, modified with a Highlander Dual Source Pickup, and a 2002 Godin Grand Concert Duet. This is when I need ot use a pickup and get loud. In quieter settings, I prefer to play the Devoes with a (or without) mic.

All pieces are by me or in the public domain.

All works are licensed under a
Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 2.5 License.
Non-legalistically, you can use them in your own artistic concept. If you make millions, I want a cut.

Guitar MP3 Files:

Dedicatoria, by Enrique Granados (2.1 MB), Lester Devoe Satinwood classical guitar
Granada, by Albeniz, Lester Devoe classical guitar (5.9 MB)
Interlude by me (4.5 MB), Lester Devoe Satinwood classical guitar
Sheet Music for tremolo section of Interlude, by Alfonso
Guajira, by Alfonso (3 MB) Lester Devoe Cypress flamenco with Clave and Shaker from Latin Percussion
Sheet music for Guajira, by Alfonso
Aires de Aranjuez (Tarantos), by Alfonso (4 MB), Lester Devoe Cypress flamenco
Adio Querida, Sephardic song arranged by Alfonso, Lester Devoe Cypress flamenco
Sheet Music for Adio Querida
Alegrieas, 4.1MB, Lester Devoe Cypress Flamenco

Renaissance and Baroque:

Flat Pavin, by Johnson (2.3 MB), Godin electric classical (overdubbed)
Pavane, Luis Milan (1.5 MB). Devoe Cypress Flamenco
Fantasie, John Dowland (4.5 MB), Devoe Cypress Flamenco
Prelude Dm, J. S. Bach, (2.1MB), Devoe Cypress Flamenco
Fugue Am, J. S. Bach, (9.1MB), Devoe Cypress Flamenco
Sarabande, J. S. Bach (2.6MB), Devoe Cypress Flamenco
Prelude to the first Cello Suite, J. S. Bach, Devoe Satinwood classical (3.1 MB)
Passacaille, S. L. Weiss (4MB), Devoe Satinwood

So why a flamenco guitar for Renaissance and Baroque? Just consider it a flamenco renaissance?

NEW! Bach on a ukulele!
Prelude to the first cello suite, on a ukulele.
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